Janis the Eagle

Janis the Eagle

Janis the Eagle is a Latvian Farmhouse ale that has a fare amount of European malts giving a nice cracker/bready profile; De-bittered Black provides color without roast. Lemony Latvian Farmhouse yeast gives this beer a distinctive taste and dry finish. Citra & Sorachi Ace hop varietals brings out nice lemon pith and citrus aroma.  In turn we have a super approachable thrist quenching beer!

Style: Latvian Farmhouse Ale
ABV: 7%
IBUs: 45

We here at BDM are huge fans of the show Meateater and wanted to show our admiration naming this beer after the Executive Producer & a former fellow Michigander, Janis Putelis who goes by the nickname “The Latvian Eagle”  If you like this beer you might also want to try:

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