Le Brézé

Hailing from the Bavarian lineage, but with a cereal mash of corn, our Le Brézé, Alsatian Pilsner has a little bit of history.  Named after the Second Rate French War […]

Bitterman’s IPA

The Bitterman’s IPA was conceived when we gave our brewer Seth Bitterman a crack at an IPA and he didn’t disappoint!  This bright, aromatic American IPA is rich with Hops […]

Janis the Eagle

Janis the Eagle is a Latvian Farmhouse ale that has a fare amount of European malts giving a nice cracker/bready profile; De-bittered Black provides color without roast. Lemony Latvian Farmhouse […]

Second Beach French Grisette

For those of you unfamiliar with the French Grisette style, it is the cousin of saison and is climbing the ranks to be the next hit under the French/Belgian Farmhouse […]

Bateau Brown Ale

Our Bateau Brown Ale is a medium bodied, Northern Michigan Brown Ale.  It has a nice nutty aroma and is one of the few beers that we use unaltered ground […]

Jacob’s Farmhouse Ale

The Jacob’s Farmhouse is a traditional Northern French Farmhouse Ale.  It consists of a pleasing amount of Srisselspalts hops from the Alsace region of France that lends itself of grassy, […]

Divebar Situation Imperial IPA

The Divebar Situation is incredibly balanced Imperial IPA showcasing hops based on their aromatic qualities. These Pacific Northwest and Michigan varieties contribute a pungent blend of grapefruit, stone fruit and […]

Dock Porter

The Dock Porter consists of English imported grains, hops and yeast. Our Dock Porter is a beautiful rendition of a timeless classic and it is no secret why this beer […]

Winnie the Bulldog

Winnie the Bulldog was the nickname given to the British Prime Minister, Winston Churchill, who most notably was strong willed and tough in a time of need during the second […]

MI Maple Amber – Fall Seasonal

This medium bodied, Northern Michigan Amber has distinct maple presence in the aroma.  With malty characteristics of caramel on the front ending a maple finish leaving a subtle dry sweetness […]