Rebirth of the Biere de Mac Kitchen

-The Rebirth of the Kitchen-

Some of you may or may not have seen from our recent facebook posts with new items coming out of the kitchen. It was never our decision to close the kitchen, but the COVID pandemic to some degree tied our hands. The decision was made for us when we lost our entire kitchen staff.  It was no secret that our food was absolutely incredible and I can assure you that none of you miss it as much as us!

In 2021, we tried out the food truck concept but that proved to not be the draw that we had hoped. That business model came with its own challenges and benefits but ultimately didn’t fit our vision.  It wasn’t profitable enough to make finical sense. So, in 2022, we partnered with Smelted Wood Fired Pizza Company out of Marquette, MI. We were really happy with the low labor & ease in which we could get food out to our guests, but it just didn’t meet our guests expectations that we created with our old menu.

Whats to come

Fast forward to today, we are proud to welcome Travis Kauffman to the Biere de Mac team. Travis is from Cross Village and is a native to Northern Michigan. With 20+ years of hospitality experience both in and out of the kitchen and most notability the former Founder & Managing Partner of Folksbier Brauerei Brewery in Brooklyn, NY,.   Mr. Kauffman will assist us in bringing the kitchen back online.  We are very excited to have someone who understands how to put together a food menu that complements our beer and ties in with our French/Belgian Brand.

The Question we all know you have on your Mind

To anwser the question that you all have before you ask, we will not be bring back any of the old items at this time. There simply isn’t a workforce now or in the foreseeable future in the Straits Area to execute a “from scratch” kitchen.  Our new menu has to be designed, with our beer in mind.  After all, we are a brewery. It has to involve a limited labor force, be highly scaleable for the summer season & meet the expectations of what our patrons are use to. (Talk about a tall order!)

We hope that you are as excited for our kitchen and weekend features with new creations coming out for our guests.  We ask that you be patient with us until we get everything dialed in. You can expect to see weekend specials on a small batch scale for the next few weeks and months until we set our final menu.

This Weekends Feature

This weekend special as pictured above is our BDM Meat Sammie. A Montreal Style Smoked Brisket Sandwich prepared witih a spicy herb rub, Cured for 7 days, Apple & Beachwood Smoke and finally Braised in our Hamshed Magic – Belgian Dubbel. Served on our House Baked Light Rye Bread, House Dressing & House Beer Mustard. Served with Sweet & Spicy pickle chips and Great Lakes Kettle Chips. We have 50 orders so when they are gone, they are gone.

Keep checking in for updates coming out of the kitchen and weekend features in the weeks to come!

A Votre Sante

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