A new year, a new plan

Dear Biere de Mac Friends, Guests, Patrons & Beer Lovers
This summer Biere de Mac Brew Works will still be serving up some great pints utilizing flavors and ingredients from around the world for our many classic styles of ale, but we are changing our business model as well. One that involves a rotation of both resident food trucks and pop-up food trucks for the duration of the summer months. This move will allow us to focus on distributing our beer to local bars and restaurants, bringing in more live music, and the ability to participate in more beer related festivals around the state when we are able to gather again. As we line up these trucks, we will have them posted on both our website and facebook so patrons will know what is available. In the interim, we will have a small appetizer menu available when food trucks are not on-site.
We are truly sad to announce that as of this Wednesday, April 7th Biere de Mac Brew Works will no longer be providing the great menu that you have all become accustomed to over the past 4 years. When we embarked on this business venture 7 years ago we always knew that we would need to have food to accompany our brews. Over the years we were able to put out some spectacular dishes and we are thankful that our food could help put us on the map. It is with a heavy heart that we have made the decision to move in a different direction and concentrate on not only the most profitable aspect of our business, but also the side that we are most passionate about, the beer.
We look forward to serving you more great beer in the weeks, months & years to come.
Most Sincerely and Respectfully
The Ranville Family.