BDM Adult Trivia Night

BDM Adult Trivia

Wednesday, Feb. 21st at 7PM

– $5 per person to participate. (Buy-in is required according to Michigan State Law in order for the brewery to award winners with alcohol and food as prizes.)

-Must have a minimum of two (2) people to play and a maximum of four (4) people per team.

– Each team must select a name as well as a captain who will be responsible for turning in answer sheets after each round.

– No yelling out answers regardless if they are correct or incorrect. It disrupts the course of the game.

– Spelling is not required to be perfect, but ultimately the Host must be able to read and distinguish your answer.

– Many have worked diligently to fact check, research, and to write trivia questions that are as black and white as possible to avoid arguments and disagreements however, we are only human. At the end of the game, if you disagree with an answer you may respectfully bring your concerns to the Host to pass that knowledge on. Do not expect anything but a pat on the back for being a “know-it-all.”

– At the beginning of the game, each team will estimate of number of answers they will get correct. (out of 45 questions) In the instance of a tie the team closest to their estimate, but not over will be deemed the winner.

– Between 6:30pm to 6:55pm, prior to the game beginning, Mulligans will be available for purchase at the bar. $2 per mulligan, one mulligan per person. You may not purchase mulligans for others on your team. They must be present to purchase their own. Mulligans will not be available for purchase after 6:55pm.

– The game will begin at 7PM

– Mulligans can be used at anytime during the duration of the first four (4) regular scored rounds and count as a correct answer. You will not be able to utilize mulligans in the bonus round.

– The game will consist of four (4) rounds of ten (10) questions and a bonus round of five (5) questions that are more heavily weighted.

– Each round, each team may or may not throw out/pass one question that they don’t feel confident in which will not be counted against them. Also, each team will pick one question in the round that they would like to double the point value.

– Top 3 teams will automatically be qualified for the bonus round. Teams that did not qualify may buy into the bonus round using two (2) mulligans if they still have them remaining. Mulligans cannot be used in the bonus round!

– Prizes will be awarded to each round winner. (Prizes will vary)

– NO MOBILE DEVISES ALLOWED DURING GAME PLAY! All devises will go facedown in a basket in the center of the table. If one needs to answer their phone they may answer it outside of the building and will not be allowed to return to the game until the finish of the round.

– Winning team will receive a full comp on food AND beverages consumed DURING the duration of the game.

– This is America and there are such things as winners and losers. However, there will be a runner-up prize to the
first loser.

– Taunting is not encouraged, but it is not prohibited. Healthy competition is good!

– This game takes place in close quarters and it is suggested that you keep your answers close to the chest. People will be able to hear other teams in close proximity. Some may choose to use this to their advantage, others might choose to throw other teams off. You have been warned.